Training is an investment which will always pay dividends !

We believe that the cable accessory kits we supply are only half of the final product –the remaining half is made when the installer assembles our kits onto the cable in the field. Therefore, we are committed to training jointers to ensure the final product is 100% perfect in operation.

At REPL, we have been training engineers and cable jointers in the theory and installation of our jointing systems for many years.

Our trainers are able to provide training either on-site or at one of our dedicated REPL training centres and offer certification of training upon successful completion.

Our customised training starts with a theory session covering the design of different cables and joint systems followed by an explanation of the critical steps of terminations and jointing systems. Finally participants are given practical demonstrations of the jointing and termination systems.

The courses usually range from one to two days and can be undertaken at a number of our locations worldwide.

For more details contact [email protected]