Product Code: RHLTJ

Utilising REPL heat shrink tubes, these joint kits are suitable for jointing low voltage polymeric insulated wire armoured cables onto paper insulated, lead sheathed and wire armoured cables (PILC).
Voltage Level : U0/U (Umax) = 0.6/1kV ( 1.2kV )

Cable Range: 2- 4 core PILC/SWA and XLPE/SWA cables 1.5 to 400sqmm

  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Compact dimensions
  • Good Mechanical strength
  • For use indoor , outdoor and buried environments
  • Resistant to chemicals , UV light and waterproof
  • Can be energised immediately after use
  • Custom variants available for other cable types
  • Suitable for use with mechanical connectors ( available as an option)

For more details , please refer to the product datasheet

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