RHCE-NP = Enclosures for Non-pressurised Telecom Cable In-line Joints

  • Water proof rating: IP68 (for underground un-pressurised telecom network)
  • Cable entry and sealing: through sides of closure. Sealing achieved through flame being applied to heat shrink material.
  • Capacity: Multiple capacities offered – up to 3600 pairs
  • Operation:
    – Heat-shrinkable joint closure
    – Excellent mechanical and environmental protects joints in the un-pressurised access network: aerial, buried or ducted, on filled or jelly filled, with polyethylene, lead, steel or aluminium sheaths.
  • Metal canister protects the splice bundle
  • Excellent environmental and mechanical characteristics
  • Branch kits are available

For more details , please refer to the product datasheet

Product Datasheet

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