Heat Shrink MV Cable Joint Kits

Product code: RHtj-x (Trifurcating Joint)

For Connecting Polymeric Insulated Medium Voltage Cables up to 36kV

The RHTJ-X range of kits are designed for joining three core polymeric insulated cables to three individual single core cables.
They can be used with both compression and mechanical type connectors.
Further kits are available for connecting three core paper insulated cables – see RHTJ-PX.

Kit Contents:

Typical kit for armoured 3 core cable to 3 x 1 core cables

  1. Conductor Connector (optional- can be supplied if specified)
  2. Heat Shrinkable Stress Control Tube
  3. Stress Grading Mastic
  4. Heat Shrinkable Insulation Tubes (*type & number varies with joint – see note below)
  5. Black Sealing Mastic
  6. Armour Support Ring / Worm Drive Clips
  7. Armour/Screen Tinned Copper Braid
  8. Screen Wire Connectors
  9. Tinned Copper Mesh
  10. Heat Shrinkable 3 Core Breakout for Sealing Single Core End
  11. Heat Shrinkable Outer Protection Tube(s)
  12. Full Installation Instructions & Cleaning Wipe

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